National Health Mission Area

Warfighter Health and Readiness

The Warfighter Health and Readiness Program Area focuses on ensuring our warfighters are prepared to complete their mission, are protected from current and future threats, and will receive the best possible care in the operational environment.

Warfighter Health and Readiness Program Area Manager
Susan Kennedy
Phone: 240-228-5045

Army Operational Readiness

We are applying our extensive capabilities in biology, biomechanics, neuroscience, systems engineering, computational modeling, and advanced analytics to predict and prevent injury and illness from traditional and emerging threats as well as to optimize mental and physical performance.

Army Operational Readiness Program Manager
David Drewry III
Phone: 240-228-6228

Army Operational Readiness Assistant Program Manager
Quang T. Luong
Phone: 240-228-9698

Army Medical Response

APL is applying expertise in advanced biomaterials, sensors, robotics, machine learning, and data fusion to modernize Army medical technology, allow technology interoperability, promote effective and novel applications of digital and mobile health, and push toward autonomous medical systems.

Acting Army Medical Response Program Manager
David Drewry III
Phone: 240-228-6228

Navy Health and Readiness

We focus on the health, readiness, and survivability of the naval forces, optimizing delivery of care in operational settings and ensuring medically ready and ready medical forces. We take a data-driven approach to predict and prevent warfighter injury and illness, and leverage technological advances in sensors, data science, and intelligent systems to deploy operational capabilities to our warfighters.

Navy Health and Readiness Program Manager
Katie Esper Wallach
Phone: 240-228-8587

Warfighter Health Research

We conduct fundamental and applied scientific research, focusing on challenges critical to sustaining warfighters. Our research areas include human physiology and resilience, bioeffects, neuroscience, novel tool development for biological diagnostics and interventions, and operational medicine.

Warfighter Health Research Program Manager
Shana O. Eley
Phone: 443-257-6255