Thanks for your interest in joining the Washington-Baltimore Climate Review (WBCR) observer network!

Here's what you need to do to join:

(1) Send an e-mail to the WBCR editor, Brian Smith, at Include your name, full mailing address, and and e-mail address. Include your daily observing time and whether you use Standard Time throughout the year or switch to Daylight Saving Time when that time is in effect.

(2) A station ID number will be provided to you based on your location. That's all you need to do. You will receive an acknowledgement from Brian after you join. There are no membership fees.

(3) Regarding your observations, send them in to Brian shortly after the end of each month. E-mail is the preferred way to send in observations which may be compiled in a format of your choosing such as imported Excel, Microsoft Works, or text files. You may also simply embed the observations in the body of the e-mail itself. However, if you only have hand-written records, let Brian know and he will send you his postal mail address. As you can see in the archived reports, the basic observations of focus are daily temperature and precipitation. Snowfall is always important. If you record peak wind gusts, send them in, too. Comments on individual storm events and storm damage, optical phenomena, unusual or extreme weather conditions, and other statistics are always desired if you can provide them.

(4) Click here if you would like to download a sample observation form (Excel format). If you use this form, note that for months with less than 31 days, or for missing data, please leave the unused boxes blank so that the averaging function can work properly.

That's it. We hope to see your observations real soon!

Questions or comments should be sent to R.Giannola