APL 15-Minute Daily Weather Data and Metadata

Links to APL daily weather data are listed in the table below. These data are usually provided at 15-minute intervals so that a typical day consists of 97 observations (midnight to midnight). Additionally, metadata ("data about the data") links are provided where applicable. If a metadata link is provided on the date of interest, it is strongly recommended that you read the explanation within the link. This link provides important information about the data for that day and often refers to problems with the sensors or other phenomena occurring on that day that could distort the data. For example, snow in the rain gauge that melts may look like "rain" when it really isn't raining, the rain gauge could become clogged, a coating of freezing rain could prevent the anemometer from rotating properly (direction and speed), maintenance on the weather station may impact some observations, or a sensor could have failed. All of these events (plus others) have actually occurred. In some cases such as when snow melted in the rain gauge, the data were corrected. In other cases, the data were not corrected. The data are tagged in all cases nonetheless. Please keep these things in mind when using the daily observations for your dates of interest.

Note also that the archived APL 15-Minute Daily Weather Data are slowly being added to this site. If data for dates other than the ones listed below are needed, please send an email request to richard.giannola@jhuapl.edu.

        APL 15-Minute Daily Weather Files

2012 Data and Metadata (through Jan. 31)
2011 Data and Metadata
2010 Data and Metadata
2009 Data and Metadata

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