APL Applied Systems Engineering – Part II

This issue of the Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest continues the presentation of articles that describe APL's approach to systems engineering that began in APL Applied Systems Engineering – Part I (volume 29, issue 4). Although the diversity of systems applications was clear in the first systems engineering issue, this diversity becomes even more evident in this second issue as we explore more complex issues in air defense, command and control, network communications, counter-improvised explosive devices, human-systems engineering, and nanosystems. APL's strong systems engineering culture and standard processes ensure that its products are fit for use regardless of the scope and complexity of the domain.

APL Applied Systems Engineering – Part II: Guest Editors' Introduction
Samuel J. Seymour and Michael J. O'Driscoll

Systems-of-Systems Engineering in Air and Missile Defense
Suzette Sommerer, Michelle D. Guevara, Mark A. Landis, Jan M. Rizzuto, Jack M. Sheppard, and Conrad J. Grant

Systems-of-Systems Network Engineering

William G. Bath and Gregory A. Miller

Command and Control Systems Engineering: Integrating Rapid Prototyping and Cognitive Engineering

Jeffrey G. Cooley and Jennifer A. B. McKneely

Assessing Needed Capabilities and Metrics for Future Maritime Reconnaissance: A Case Study in Collaborative Systems Analysis
John M. Nolen, Michael S. Moreno, and Russell E. Gingras

Systems Engineering at the Nanoscale

Jennifer L. Sample and Harry K. Charles Jr.

Systems Engineering in Counter Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Device Electronic Warfare
Michael E. Pesci

The Application of Human-Systems Integration: Designing the Next Generation of Military Global Positioning System Handheld Devices
Emily K. Hebeler, Jennifer A. B. McKneely, and Sarah Rigsbee

User-Centered Design: A Case Study on Its Application to the Tactical Tomahawk Weapons Control System
Sarah Rigsbee and William B. Fitzpatrick

In Memoriam: Alvin R. Eaton (1920–2011)
Douglas B. Hudson

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