January-March 1998, Volume 19, Number 1


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The Legacy of Transit

    The Legacy of Transit: Guest Editor's Introduction
   V. L. Pisacane

   A Brief History of Early Navigation
   D. Sobel

   Genesis of Satellite Navigation
   W. H. Guier and G. C. Weiffenbach

   An Overview of Transit Development
   R. J. Danchik

   Innovations Derived from the Transit Program
   G. C. Kennedy and M. J. Crawford

   The Transit Satellite Geodesy Program
   S. M. Yionoulis

   The Space Environment
   C. O. Bostrom and D. J. Williams

   Development of Receivers to Characterize Transit Time and Frequency Signals
   L. J. Rueger

   Applications of Transit Satellite Technology to Biomedical Devices
   R. E. Fischell

   Computerized Ionospheric Tomography
   A. J. Tucker


Applied Research

   Hydrocode Analysis at APL
   Y. Chang


APL Awards

   Awards for Publications and Research and Development
   L. L. Maier-Tyler



   Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia

Icon THE COVER: Key aspects of the Transit Navigation System are depicted on the cover. The spacecraft is one of several Transit satellites that provided the basic measurements needed to determine one's location for navigational purposes. The contoured Earth shows the variation in the gravitational field that had to be precisely known for accurate orbit prediction. The plasma emanating from the Sun and surrounding the Earth depicts the highly active magnetosphere in which the satellites had to operate successfully. (Cover illustration by Kenneth R. Moscati.)

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