APL Celebrates 75 Years

This special issue of the Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest celebrates APL's 75th anniversary. It includes historic highlights of the mission areas in APL's four current sectors, as well as articles on the Lab's research and analysis organizations. Additional articles capture important elements of APL's history and culture: its tradition of offering diverse educational opportunities to its staff, highlights from our longstanding Colloquium series, the history of the Technical Digest itself, the Lab's commitment to awarding staff members' achievements, APL's ever-evolving facilities and capabilities, and our previous directors.

Defining Innovations
Ralph D. Semmel

Looking Back—and Looking Ahead: Guest Editor's Introduction
Jerry A. Krill

Standard Missile: Snapshots in Time Captured by Previous Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest Articles
Neil F. Palumbo

Radar Development for Air and Missile Defense
Kenneth W. O'Haver, Christopher K. Barker, G. Daniel Dockery, and James D. Huffaker

Trade-Offs in Sensor Networking
William G. Bath

The Satellite Missile Tracking (SATRACK) System: A Retrospective
Lee S. Simkins

SURTASS Twinline
Robert F. Henrick

Precision Strike Contributions Selected from the Annals of the Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest
Glenn E. Mitzel

Space Exploration at APL: From the Beginning to the 1990s
Glen H. Fountain, David Kusnierkiewicz, and Stamatios M. Krimigis

The 1990s and Beyond: Big-Time Space Science and New National Security Challenges
Stamatios M. Krimigis, Glen H. Fountain, Paul H. Ostdiek, and Michael G. Ryschkewitsch

Defense Communications: APL's Contributions Through the Decades
Robert A. Nichols

Trustworthy Computing at APL
Susan C. Lee

Analysis at APL: A Historical Perspective
Mark T. Lewellyn and Christine O. Salamacha

APL's Research Organization: Then and Now
James R. Schatz and Harry K. Charles Jr.

Engineering the Solutions from Deep Ocean to Deep Space: Keys to 75 Years of Success
Conrad J. Grant

Historical Aspects of Formal Education at APL
Harry K. Charles Jr. and Christine M. Morris

The History of the APL Colloquium
Daniel P. Wilt

The History of the Technical Digest
Helen E. Worth, Erin M. Richardson, and Ariel M. Greenberg

APL Achievement Awards and Prizes
Erin M. Richardson and Kelly K. Livieratos
       APL Achievement Awards and Prizes Complete List of Winners Through 2017

Evolution of the APL Campus in Howard County—From Farm to Small City
Jay R. Dettmer

The Visionary Directors of APL: Creating and Nurturing a National Resource
Helen E. Worth

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