Rapid Fielding of Capability to the Fleet

APL's Force Projection Sector has focused this issue of the Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest on rapid fielding of capability to the Fleet. The articles in this issue represent all three of the sector's mission areas—Strategic Deterrence, Sea Control, and Precision Strike—and give some insight into the breadth and depth of the work we do to put capabilities in the hands of the warfighter, ranging from developing analysis and training tools to deploying prototype systems on Navy platforms. Also included are two Special Features highlighting other important work being done at the Lab.

Rapid Fielding of Capability to the Fleet: Guest Editor's Introduction
Lisa A. Blodgett

Wave Glider System for Real-Time Range Tracking
Noel P. Cervino and Andre M. Douglas

Physics-Based Modeling to Reduce Extensive Full-Scale Testing
James R. Mumaw, Michael B. Gailey, and David A. Garber

Simulation of Active Sonar Bottom Clutter for Fleet Trainers
Bruce K. Newhall and Shawn F. Johnson

Integrated Rapid Development for Unmanned Systems
Adam S. Watkins, Jason A. Stipes, Richard L. Hooks, Jonathan C. Castelli, John C. Humphreys,
and Adam W. Cushman

Delivering Test and Evaluation Tools for Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles to the Fleet
Galen E. Mullins, Paul G. Stankiewicz, R. Chad Hawthorne, Jordan D. Appler, Michael H. Biggins,
Kevin Chiou, Melissa A. Huntley, Johan D. Stewart, and Adam S. Watkins

David L. Porter

Integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems into Complex Airspace Environments
Robert R. Lutz, Paul S. Frederick, Patricia M. Walsh, Kimberly S. Wasson, and Norm L. Fenlason


National Security and the Assessment of Individual Credibility: Current Challenges,
Future Opportunities

Mark D. Happel, Jason A. Spitaletta, Eric A. Pohlmeyer, Grace M. Hwang, Ariel M. Greenberg,
Clara A. Scholl, and Michael Wolmetz

SciBox: An Autonomous Constellation Management System
Teck H. Choo, Alice F. Berman, Hari Nair, Lillian Nguyen, Joseph P. Skura, and R. Joshua Steele

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