Autonomous Systems

This issue of the Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest is devoted to science and technologies that are being pursued across APL in the field of autonomous systems. Such technologies have applications in manned and unmanned space missions as well as special operations, explosive ordnance disposal, and conventional warfare and may be deployed in a variety of means to include air, surface, and subsurface platforms.

Autonomous Systems: Guest Editor's Introduction
G. Peter Nanos

A Brief History of Early Unmanned Aircraft
John F. Keane and Stephen S. Carr

Unmanned Aircraft System Airspace Integration in the National Airspace Using a Ground-Based Sense and Avoid System
Thomas P. Spriesterbach, Kelly A. Bruns, Lauren I. Baron, and Jason E. Sohlke

Recent Enhancements to Mobile Bimanual Robotic Teleoperation with Insight Toward Improving Operator Control

Edward W. Tunstel Jr., Kevin C. Wolfe, Michael D. M. Kutzer, Matthew S. Johannes, Christopher Y. Brown, Kapil D. Katyal, Matthew P. Para, and Michael J. Zeher

Integration of Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robotic Systems Within a Modular Open Systems Architecture
Mark A. Hinton, James M. Burck, Kristine R. Collins, Matthew S. Johannes, Edward W. Tunstel Jr., and Michael J. Zeher

Buckybot: Preliminary Control and Mapping Algorithms for a Robot Geometrically Based on a Truncated Icosahedron

Robert C. Grande, Michael D. M. Kutzer, Christopher Y. Brown, and Mehran Armand

Morphable Limbs for Multi-Legged Climbing on Convex Structures
Michael D. M. Kutzer, Edward W. Tunstel Jr., Christopher Y. Brown, Danoosh Vahdat, Jonathan E. Clark, Noah J. Cowan, and Mehran Armand

Mighty Eagle: The Development and Flight Testing of an Autonomous Robotic Lander Test Bed
Timothy G. McGee, David A. Artis, Timothy J. Cole, Douglas A. Eng, Cheryl L. B. Reed, Michael R. Hannan, D. Greg Chavers, Logan D. Kennedy, Joshua M. Moore, and Cynthia D. Stemple

Autonomous Geolocation of RF Emitters Using Small, Unmanned Platforms

Robert J. Bamberger, Jay G. Moore, Ravi P. Goonasekeram, and David H. Scheidt

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