Communications and Networking Technologies

In the commercial business and personal arenas, advances in wireless and optical communications and Internet Protocol (IP)-based networking have enabled tremendous information-transfer capability and a resulting productivity gain. These gains prompted the government to create a vision of the network-centric warfare and the Global Information Grid (GIG). Although the technologies and lessons learned in the commercial world have direct relevance in realizing this vision, the unique tactical environments pose significant challenges. This special issue of the Technical Digest provides a sample of recent research at APL that addresses some of these critical challenges in communications and networking technologies. It covers both broad and in-depth topics, including APL’s major contributions to satellite communications and networks, interplanetary networking, algorithms and techniques to enhance communication efficiency in challenging tactical environments, network topology control for highly mobile users with limited infrastructure support, and network routing protocols in highly heterogeneous and dynamic networks.

Communications and Networking Technologies: Guest Editors' Introduction
Bharat T. Doshi and Qinqing Zhang

Assessment of the Internet Protocol Routing in Space—Joint Capability Technology Demonstration
Enrique G. Cuevas, Hadi A. Esiely-Barrera, H. Warren Kim, and Zhuangbo Tang

The Mobile User Objective System

John D. Oetting and Tao Jen

Technical Challenges and Performance of Satellite Communications on-the-Move Systems

Vijitha Weerackody and Enrique G. Cuevas

Enabling the Interplanetary Internet
Christopher J. Krupiarz, Edward J. Birrane, Benjamin W. Ballard, Lotfi Benmohamed, Alan A. Mick, Katherine A. Stambaugh, and Edward W. Tunstel

Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Channel Measurements for Urban Military Applications

Jerry R. Hampton, A. Roger Hammons Jr., Manuel A. Cruz, Naim M. Merheb, Douglas E. Paunil, and Feng Ouyang

Cooperative Communication and Networking
Qinqing Zhang, Erwu Liu, and Kin K. Leung

Dynamic Topology Optimization for Assuring Connectivity in Multihop Mobile Optical Wireless Communications Networks
Anurag Dwivedi, Paramasiviah Harshavardhana, Paul G. Velez, and Daniel J. Tebben

Naming and Addressing for Routing Scalability

Lotfi Benmohamed, Robert G. Cole, and Bharat T. Doshi

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