Human Dynamics

Human Dynamics:  Threats to our national security embodied in terrorism, insurgency, and asymmetric warfare cannot be addressed only by physical means in the natural environment. They emerge from and act through the social and cultural environments in which people interact with each other, with groups, and with broad movements. Human dynamics, the realm of study and operations in those environments, is recognized as crucial to dealing with these threats. This issue of the Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest presents several APL efforts aimed at increasing our understanding of and ability to operate in these social, cultural, and behavioral domains.

Outer Planetary Exploration:  One of the scientific goals of a mission to Jupiter is to investigate the potential habitability of Jupiter’s ocean-bearing moon Europa, as described in the last article of this issue.


Human Dynamics: Guest Editor’s Introduction
John R. Gersh

Analysis of Social Movements in Warfare
Chuck Crossett and Ronald J. Buikema

Sociocultural Modeling in the Social Identity Look-Ahead Simulation and the Green Country Model
Nathan D. Bos, Ariel M. Greenberg, Jonathon J. Kopecky, Alex G. Ihde, and Scott D. Simpkins

Coarse- and Fine-Grained Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Text
Clayton R. Fink, Danielle S. Chou, Jonathon J. Kopecky, and Ashley J. Llorens

Processing Named Entities in Text
Paul McNamee, James C. Mayfield, and Christine D. Piatko

Social Query: Looking for Social Signals from Online Artifacts
Jaime Montemayor and Christopher P. Diehl

Group Activity Analysis for Persistent Surveillance
Jeffrey S. Lin, Ariel M. Greenberg, Clayton R. Fink, Wayne L. Bethea, and Andreas G. Savvides

Understanding and Enhancing Crew Endurance
Megan L. Moundalexis, Jennifer A. B. McKneely, William B. Fitzpatrick, and Cory C. Sheffer


Exploring Europa: Science from the Jupiter Europa Orbiter—A Future Outer Planet Flagship Mission
Louise M. Prockter, Kenneth E. Hibbard, Thomas J. Magner, and John D. Boldt

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