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National Security Space

National Security Space: Guest Editor’s Introduction
Joseph J. Suter

Navigation at APL: A Historical Perspective and a Look Forward
Robert L. Henderson, William S. Devereux, and Thomas Thompson

Evolving Operations and Decommissioning of the Midcourse Space Experiment Spacecraft
Michael Norkus, Robert F. Baker, and Robert E. Erlandson

APL Spacecraft Autonomy: Then, Now, and Tomorrow
George J. Cancro

Effectively Integrating Laboratory, Government, and Industry to Develop and Acquire National Security Space Systems
Patrick A. Stadter, Cheryl L. B. Reed, and Eric J. Finnegan

National Security Space Program Management
Peter D. Cook

Tactical Spacecraft Commanding Service Architecture
Puck-Fai Yan, Matthew J. Potter, and James A. McGovern

Flight Software for the Entire Operationally Responsive Space Vision
George J. Cancro, Edward J. Birrane III, Mark W. Reid, J. Douglas Reid, Kevin G. Balon, and Brian A. Bauer

A Constellation Architecture for National Security Space Systems
Gregory A. Orndorff and Bruce F. Zink

Creating Capable Nanosatellites for Critical Space Missions
Aaron Q. Rogers and Robert A. Summers

Development of Kill Assessment Technology for Space-Based Applications
Robert E. Erlandson, Jeff C. Taylor, Christopher H. Michaelis, Jennifer L. Edwards, Robert C. Brown, Pazhayannur K. Swaminathan, Cidambi K. Kumar, C. Bryon Hargis, Arnold C. Goldberg, Eric M. Klatt, and Greggory L. O’Marr

APL Achievement Awards and Prizes
Linda L. Maier-Tyler

Inside Front Cover Editorial Information

Inside Back Cover Illustration

The Cover: Since its inception in the 1940s, APL has designed, developed, and launched 63 spacecraft and more than 150 instruments in partnership with NASA and DoD. During that time, space has increasingly become a critical part of the nation’s strategic posture; thus, APL continues to develop effective space-based solutions for the nation’s challenges, including weather, reconnaissance, surveillance, space control, missile defense, and homeland security, while also providing enhanced space support for combat forces in navigation, communications, and targeting. This issue of the Technical Digest highlights some of APL’s space-related accomplishments as well as new mission and technology concepts under development at APL for national security space programs.

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