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STEREO—The Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory

          STEREO—The Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory: Guest Editors’ Introduction
          Andrew S. Driesman and Ronald A. Denissen

          STEREO: Science and Mission Overview
          Michael L. Kaiser

          STEREO Trajectory and Maneuver Design
          David W. Dunham, José J. Guzmán, and Peter J. Sharer

          STEREO Mission Operations
          John E. Eichstedt, Daniel A. Ossing, George Chiu, Paul N. Boie,,
          Timothy O. Krueger, Alan S. Faber ,Timothy A. Coulter, Owen E. Dudley, and David A. Myers

          STEREO Guidance and Control System On-Orbit Pointing Performance
          John W. Hunt Jr. and J. Courtney Ray

          STEREO Fault Protection Challenges and Lessons Learned
          George J. Cancro and Michael D. Trela

          Mechanical Verification of the STEREO Observatories
          Teresa M. Betenbaugh and Jennifer R. Tanzman

          The Challenges of Integrating the Two STEREO Spacecraft
          Annette M. Dolbow and Elliot H. Rodberg

          STEREO Spacecraft Mechanical Design, Integration, and Testing
          Stuart W. Hill, Teresa M. Betenbaugh, and Weilun Cheng


          APL Achievement Awards and Prizes
          L. L. Maier-Tyler

          Inside Front Cover Editorial Information

          3D Insert Front: Spacecraft

          3D Insert Back: Sun

          Inside Back Cover Illustration
The Cover: The two Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory (STEREO) spacecraft depicted on the front cover were engineered, built, and operated by APL to perform 3D solar observations. See the insert and 3D glasses at the back of this issue to view one of the 3D images of the Sun created from STEREO’s observations. In addition to exploring the STEREO mission, this issue of the Technical Digest commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Space Department at APL, further described on the inside back cover.

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