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APL Research and Development

          Wound Healing, Haze, and Urokinase Plasminogen Activator
          After Laser Vision Corrective Surgery
          A. Csutak, D. M. Silver, J. Tozsér, and A. Berta

          An Automated Target Detection System for Hyperspectral Imaging Sensors
          M. A. Kolodner

          Risk Analysis of Development Programs
          P. P. Pandolfini

          A Brief Introduction to Design of Experiments
          J. K. Telford

          Solving a Four-Decade-Old Mystery
          A. T. Y. Lui

          Fifty Years of Orbit Determination: Development of Modern
          Astrodynamics Methods
          J. R. Vetter

          Aerospace Nuclear Safety at APL: 1997–2006
          Y. Chang

          ARGOSY: ARchitecture for Going to the Outer solar SYstem
          R. L. McNutt Jr.


          APL Achievement Awards and Prizes
          L. L. Maier-Tyler

          Publications, Presentations, and Conferences with Proceedings
          Compiled by L. M. Mercer

          Inside Front Cover Editorial Information

          Inside Back Cover Illustration
The Cover: APL Research and Development issues traditionally span a broad range of the Laboratory’s activities. This R&D issue is an anthology of articles on such diverse topics as dynamic auroral displays, orbit determination, aerospace nuclear safety, and human exploration of the outer planets. Other articles describe APL’s work in biochemistry of corneal wounds, target detection, risk analysis, and the design of experiments.

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