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Planetary Science

          Planetary Science at APL Takes Off
          H. A. Weaver Jr. and A. F. Cheng

          Linear Structures on Eros and Other Small Bodies
          D. L. Buczkowski

          An Introduction to Near-Earth Objects
          A. S. Rivkin

          Comet Chemistry: Obtaining Clues to the Formation and Evolution
          of the Solar System with High-Resolution Infrared Spectroscopy
          N. Dello Russo, H. A. Weaver Jr., C. M. Lisse, and R. J. Vervack Jr.

          The Exploration of Titan
          R. D. Lorenz

          Investigating Martian History with the CRISM Imaging Spectrometer
          S. L. Murchie, K. J. Heffernan, P. D. Bedini, D. C. Humm, P. L. Thompson,
          J. Lees, M. J. Wirzburger, H. Darlington, J. D. Boldt, K. Strohbehn,
          D. A. Lohr, J. R. Hayes, F. P. Seelos, T. H. Choo, J. A. McGovern,
          E. Malaret, C. Hash, P. J. Cavender, D. L. Buczkowski, M. F. Morgan,
          K. D. Seelos, and H. W. Taylor

          Planetary Materials Research at APL
          N. L. Chabot, C. M. Corrigan, C. A. Hibbitts, and J. B. Plescia

          Solar System Exploration: A Vision for the Next 100 Years
          R. L. McNutt Jr.


          APL Achievement Awards and Prizes
          L. L. Maier-Tyler

          Publications, Presentations, Conferences with Proceedings, and Colloquia
          Compiled by L. M. Mercer

          Inside Front Cover Editorial Information

          Inside Back Cover Illustration
The Cover: This issue of the Technical Digest features articles on planetary science at APL. On the front cover are images of Mars and on the back, Titan, two of the bodies in the solar system that are being investigated to study the origins of life. The APL CRISM (Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometers for Mars) instrument is searching for water on Mars by creating IR spectral maps of the entire surface (the false-color map next to Mars shows how much of Mars has already been covered). The small near-IR image of Titan (false-color) shows landforms, which are mapped in great detail by the Cassini/Huygens radar mapper and display evidence of hydrocarbon lakes. APL scientists are leading investigations of both Mars and Titan, as described in this issue.

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