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APL Research and Development


          Alexander Kossiakoff (1914–2005)
          D. M. Silver

          Alexander Kossiakoff: His Life and Career, Part One
          R. E. Gibson

          Alexander Kossiakoff: His Life and Career, Part Two
          S. J. Seymour and J. L. Teesdale


          Sensor Fusion Architectures for Ballistic Missile Defense
          D. E. Maurer, R. W. Schirmer, M. K. Kalandros, and J. S. J. Peri

          Military Satellite Communications: Space-Based Communications
          for the Global Information Grid
          D. A. Fritz, B. T. Doshi, A. C. Oak, S. D. Jones, J. L. Burbank, H. L. Miller,
J. D. Oetting, R. M. Collins, L. A. Gonzalez, and R. A. Nichols

          Flight Demonstrations of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Swarming Concepts
          R. J. Bamberger Jr., D. P. Watson, D. H. Scheidt, and K. L. Moore

          The NSBRI/APL Neutron Energy Spectrometer
          R. H. Maurer, D. R. Roth, J. D. Kinnison, D. K. Haggerty, and J. O. Goldsten

          Vital Signs Monitoring and Patient Tracking Over a Wireless Network
          T. Gao, L. K. Hauenstein, A. Alm, D. Crawford, C. K. Sims, A. Husain, and D. M. White

          An Interactive Simulator for Maintenance Training
          D. L. Koczaja


          APL Achievement Awards and Prizes
          L. L. Maier-Tyler

          Publications, Presentations, Patents, and Author Index
          Compiled by L. M. Mercer

          Inside Front Cover Editorial Information

          Inside Back Cover Illustration

Icon The Cover: This issue of the Technical Digest features two articles in memory of the life and accomplishments of Alexander Kossiakoff and documents his 60-year career as a full-time APL staff member. In addition, the issue includes a collection of APL research and development articles on sensor fusion architectures, military satellite communication, unmanned aerial vehicle swarming concepts, neutron energy spectrometer space applications, remote patient status monitoring, and interactive training simulators.

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