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APL Research and Development


          The HAIRCUT Information Retrieval System
          J. Mayfield and P. McNamee

          Discrete Stochastic Approximation with Application to Resource Allocation
          S. D. Hill

          Scientific Resource Access System: A Concept for Getting “Living With a Star” Information to Do Science
          R. A. Daley, E. A. Immer, B. I. Fortner, and M. B. Weiss


          Laser-Based Ultrasonics: Applications at APL
          D. W. Blodgett and K. C. Baldwin


          Laser Eye Safety Research at APL
          R. L. McCally, C. B. Bargeron, J. A. Bonney-Ray, and W. R. Green

          Neural Mechanisms of Hyperalgesia After Tissue Injury*
          R. A. Meyer, M. Ringkamp, J. N. Campbell, and S. N. Raja

          Development of a Thermal and Hyperspectral Imaging System for Wound Characterization and Metabolic Correlation
          M. H. Chen, C. W. Kerechanin II, D. G. Greenspan, T. B. Criss,
          S. C. Franckowiak, J. A. Vincent, and R. S. Pattay


          The Effects of Head-Supported Mass on the Risk of Neck Injury in Army Personnel
          A. C. Merkle, M. Kleinberger, and O. M. Uy

          Modeling Nonpenetrating Ballistic Impact on a Human Torso
          J. C. Roberts, P. J. Biermann, J. V. O’Connor, E. E. Ward, R. P. Cain, B. G. Carkhuff, and A. C. Merkle


          Publications, Conferences with Proceedings, Presentations, and Colloquia
          Compiled by L. M. Mercer

          Inside Front Cover Editorial Information

          Inside Back Cover Illustration

Icon The Cover: Research and development at APL covers a full circle of scientific, engineering, and technical activities from around the Laboratory and beyond. The authors of the articles in this issue reside in seven APL departments, and there are several external co-authors. The articles describe some of APL’s work in applied research (information retrieval, optimization techniques and resource access), technology (laser-based ultrasonics), biomedical research (laser eye safety, pain sensation and wound characterization), and injury prevention biomechanics (crash-induced neck injuries and non-penetrating bullet wounds). (Cover design by Kenneth R. Moscati.)

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