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TIMED Technology Advances

   TIMED Technology Advances: Guest Editor's Introduction
   D. G. Grant

   TIMED: From Concept to Realization
   M. M. Mellott and V. H. Elsbernd

   TIMED Mission Science Overview
   J-H. Yee

   TIMED Science: First Light
   E. R. Talaat, J-H. Yee, A. B. Christensen, T. L. Killeen, J. M. Russell III, and T. N. Woods

   An Overview of the TIMED Spacecraft
   D. Y. Kusnierkiewicz

   TIMED Instruments
   J-H. Yee, E. R. Talaat, A. B. Christensen, T. L. Killeen, J. M. Russell III, and T. N. Woods

   TIMED Mission System Engineering and System Architecture
   D. Y. Kusnierkiewicz

   TIMED Launch Operations
   S. R. Vernon and S. F. Kozuch

   TIMED GPS Navigation System (GNS): Design, Implementation, and Performance Assessment
   W. S. Devereux, M. S. Asher, R. J. Heins, A. A. Chacos, T. L. Kusterer, and L. A. Linstrom

   TIMED Integrated Electronics Module (IEM)
   P. C. Marth

   TIMED Autonomy System
   R. J. Harvey

   TIMED Ground System and Mission Operations
   E. H. Rodberg, W. P. Knopf, P. M. Lafferty, and S. R. Nylund

   It's About TIMED: APL's Education and Public Outreach Initiative
   K. B. Beisser, R. L. Goldberg, and K. D. Marren

  In Memoriam

   George C. Weiffenbach (1921–2003)
   D. J. Williams, S. M. Krimigis, and W. H. Guier


   Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia
   Compiled by L. M. Mercer

   Inside Front Cover Editorial Information

   Inside Back Cover Illustration
   Designed by K. R. Moscati


Icon The Cover: TIMED spacecraft in orbit after launch aboard a Delta-II rocket. TIMED technology advances include increased autonomy, onboard orbit determination, event-based commanding, integrated electronics modules, a GPS navigation system, and a peak power tracker. These innovations enabled TIMED's four instruments to operate around the clock at their full capacity, thus lowering mission operations costs while enhancing science return. (Cover design by Kenneth R. Moscati.)

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