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Science and Technology in Service to the Nation

   A Synoptic View of APL Science and Technology
   J. C. Sommerer

  Cross-Laboratory Programmatic Focus

   Systems Analysis and Test and Evaluation at APL
   L. J. Levy

   Vehicle Technology at APL
   J. J. Wozniak

   Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Environment Research at APL
   L. J. Zanetti

   Biomedical and Biochemical Technology at APL
   H. W. Ko

  Information Processing and Modeling

   An Overview of Information Processing and Management at APL
   R. D. Semmel

   Modeling and Simulation at APL
   J. E. Coolahan

   Science and Technology Development for Communications and Distributed Systems at APL
   R. L. Holland Jr.

  Devices and Technology Infrastructure

   Living with Sensors at APL
   I. N. Bankman and J. J. Suter

   Materials and Structures Research and Development at APL
   B. G. Boone

   Electronics Technology at APL
   H. K. Charles Jr.


   Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia

   Inside Front Cover Editorial Information

   Inside Back Cover Illustration


Icon The Cover: APL’s efforts on behalf of the government in defense and space science and exploration, although directed at practical solutions to operational problems, integrate and apply diverse fields of science and technology. Since 2000, the Laboratory has been guiding and cultivating its technology base from an enterprise perspective to ensure that the organization always has the technical capabilities required to address its sponsors’ missions. (Cover design by Kenneth R. Moscati.)

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