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Air Defense Part III—Battle Force Engineering

   Guest Editor's Introduction
   Robert T. Lundy


   Letter to Dr. Roca
   RADM Rodney P. Rempt

   Challenge and Change: Assessing Technology Needs for Future Naval Operations
   ADM Leighton W. Smith, USN (Ret.)

   Our Navy—Like Our Lives—Is Continuous
   RADM Wayne E. Meyer, USN (Ret.)

   Critical Contributions to Critical Challenges
   Alexander Kossiakoff


Systems Engineering Projects

   History of BGAAWC/FACT: Knitting the Battle Force for Air Defense
   Edward P. Lee, Robert T. Lundy, and Jerry A. Krill

   The Prototype Area Air Defense Commander Capability
   Joseph H. Prosser, Michael T. Dennehy, Roger A. Sumey, and Edward P. Lee

   CEC: Sensor Netting with Integrated Fire Control
   Conrad J. Grant

   Trade-Offs in Sensor Networking
   William G. Bath

   A Low-Cost Cooperative Engagement Capability Array Antenna
   Craig R. Moore, Mark H. Luesse, and Kenneth W. O’Haver

   Strategies for Multigraph Edge Coloring
   Jeffrey M. Gilbert

   Tactical Decision Aid for CEC Engage on Remote
   Christopher J. Duhon

   E-2C Hawkeye Combat System Display
   Daniel M. Sunday, Timothy P. Barrett, Michael G. Dennis, Constantine M. Frangos, Mark O. Schlegel, and Thomas D. Whitaker


Distributed Weapons Coordination

   Distributed Weapons Coordination Conceptual Framework
   Kenneth E. Shafer, Russell A. Phillippi, Simon Moskowitz, and Stefan R. Allen

   The APL Coordinated Engagement Simulation (ACES)
   Michael J. Burke and Joshua M. Henly

   Network Models Within ACES
   Erin M. McDonald, Rebecca J. Gassler, and Brian L. Holub

   Track Generation and Management Within ACES
   Chad W. Bates, Rebecca J. Gassler, Simon Moskowitz, Michael J. Burke, and Joshua M. Henly

   A Scenario Selection Methodology Supporting Performance Analysis of Theater Ballistic Missile Defense Engagement Coordination Concepts
   James F. Engler Sr., Brian L. Holub, and Simon Moskowitz

   A Comparison of Tactical Ballistic Missile Defense Engagement Coordination Schemes
   Simon Moskowitz, Rebecca J. Gassler, and Bart L. Paulhamus


Tools for Capability Development

   System Concept Development Laboratory: Tooling Up for the 21st Century
   Jerry A. Krill and Arthur F. Krummenoehl

   Engineering Visualization
   David E-P. Colbert and R. Edward Ralston

   Simulation Approaches for Supporting Tactical System Development
   Bruce L. Ballard, Robert E. Elwell Jr., Robin C. Gettier, Francis P. Horan, Arthur F. Krummenoehl, and Dawn B. Schepleng


Future Directions for Air and Missile Defense

   The Road Ahead
   Richard W. Constantine and Richard J. Prengaman



   Publications and Presentations

Icon The Cover: The cover portrays a notional battle force in the objective area engaging hostile forces. The challenge for the Joint Force Commander is to use all of his friendly combat systems synergistically to counter the threat and protect friendly assets. (Cover created by Joseph C. Bettinger and Derek L. Johnson.)

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