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Air Defense Part II—Combat Systems

   Guest Editor's Introduction
   Robert T. Lundy


   Letter to Dr. Roca
   RADM K. K. Paige

   A Beginning or Just a Change in Course?
   RADM Wayne E. Meyer (Ret.)


Aegis Programs

   APL’s Contributions to Aegis Programs: An Overview
   John G. Wilkinson Jr.

   A Decade of Prototype Displays
   Daniel M. Sunday and Christopher J. Duhon

   Overview of the Fire Control Loop Process for Aegis LEAP Intercept
   Mark A. Landis

   APL Environmental Assessment for Navy Anti-Air Warfare
   J. Ross Rottier, John R. Rowland, Gerald C. Konstanzer, Julius Goldhirsh, and G. Daniel Dockery

   Advances in Calculating Electromagnetic Field Propagation Near the Earth’s Surface
   Michael H. Newkirk, Jonathan Z. Gehman, and G. Daniel Dockery

   Aegis Anti-Air Warfare Tactical Decision Aids
   James J. Sylvester, Gerald C. Konstanzer, J. Ross Rottier, G. Daniel Dockery, and John R. Rowland

   Distributed Computer Architectures for Combat Systems
   Mark E. Schmid and Douglas G. Crowe

   JEDSI: Java Enhanced Distributed System Instrumentation
   Barbara A. Shapter and Douglas G. Crowe

   ARTEMIS: A High-Fidelity End-to-End TBMD Federation
   Ann F. Pollack and Andreas K. Chrysostomou


Ship Self-Defense Systems

   An Introduction to SSDS Concepts and Development
   John E. Whitely Jr.

   Integrated Ship Defense
   Richard J. Prengaman, Edward C. Wetzlar, and Robert J. Bailey

   Ship Self-Defense System Architecture
   Larry S. Norcutt

   SSDS Mk 2 Combat System Integration
   Jeffrey W. Thomas, Robert J. Bailey, Wayne D. Stuckey, Jay F. Roulette, Geoffrey L. Silberman, David L. Marable, M. Catherine Kuhns, Jan M. Rizzuto, Jon S. Lindberg, Mark D. Switlick, and Edward B. Allen Jr.

   Evolved Seasparrow Missile Program
   R. Kelly Frazer, James M. Hanson Jr., Michael J. Leumas, Clifford L. Ratliff, Olivia M. Reinecke, and Charles L. Roe

   Rolling Airframe Missile: Development, Test, Evaluation, and Integration
   Emily C. Elko, James W. Howard, Richard C. Kochanski, Thu-Phuong T. Nguyen, and William M. Sanders

   Use of AN/SLQ-32A(V) Electronic Support Data for ASCM Engagement and Situational Awareness
   Richard C. Kochanski and Bruce A. Bredland

   Self-Defense Test Ship Remote Combat System Operation
   Rick R. York and Kirk L. Bateman


Applied Science and Technology

   The Science and Technology of Detect, Control, and Engage
   Joe Frank

   Active Phased Array Antenna Development for Modern Shipboard Radar Systems
   Ashok K. Agrawal, Bruce A. Kopp, Mark H. Luesse, and Kenneth W. O’Haver

   The Interacting Multiple Model Algorithm for Accurate State Estimation of Maneuvering Targets
   Anthony F. Genovese

   Approaches to Multisensor Data Fusion
   Joseph S. J. Peri

   A Low Cost Gun Launched Seeker Concept Design for Naval Fire Support
   Donald E. Maurer, Eric W. Rogala, Isaac N. Bankman, Bradley G. Boone, Kathryn K. Vogel, Christopher Parris


Book Review

   Server-side Java
   Richard A. Slywczak



   Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia

   Author and Subject Indexes


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