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Air Defense Part I—Missile Defense

   Guest Editor's Introduction
   Robert T. Lundy


   Letter to Dr. Roca
   RADM W. W. Cobb

   Air Defense Systems Department: An Overview
   Richard W. Constantine

   Bringing Science and Technology to Bear on the Navy’s Needs
   William H. Zinger

   Systems Engineering of Air and Missile Defenses
   Jerry A. Krill


Theater Air and Missile Defense Programs

   Standard Missile: A Cornerstone of Navy Theater Air Missile Defense
   Matthew Montoya

   Standard Missile-2 Block IVA Analysis and Test
   Bruce E. Kuehne, Robert A. Patterson, John E. Schmiedeskamp, Gregg A. Harrison, Matthew E. Antonicelli, Linda M. Howser, and Steven A. Lutz

   Exo-atmospheric Intercepts: Bringing New Challenges to Standard Missile
   Gary A. Sullins

   Naval Theater Ballistic Missile Defense
   David A. Bement, Joel D. Miller, Peter M. Grant III, and J. Jerry LaCamera


Special Topics

   Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Missile Engineering
   David A. Frostbutter, Brian E. McGrath, and Robert P. Rogér

   Testing the SM-3 Kinetic Warhead in the Guidance System Evaluation Laboratory
   Scott A. Gearhart

   Assessing the Adequacy of Ground Tests
   Stephen B. Rogers

   The APL Guidance System Evaluation Laboratory
   Frank J. Marcotte, Glenn M. Carey, and William J. Tropf

   SM-2 Block IVA Image-Based 6-DOF Simulation Incorporating IR Seeker Flight Code and Online Image Rendering
   Richard A. Steinberg, Rush W. Kester, Lawrence E. Klein, James S. Belle, and Robert A. Patterson

   AM/FM Noise in the Target Illumination Signal for Semi-Active Missiles
   Clifton E. Cole and Alexander S. Hughes

   Blast Instrumentation for Lethality Assessment
   Leo R. Gauthier Jr., John M. Klimek, Louis A. Mattes, Christopher L. Eddins, Angela L. Barrios, Dale E. Clemons, and Robert F. Walsh Jr.


Applied Science and Technology

   Introduction to Programs
   Joe Frank

   Parametric Multispectral Infrared Bulk Filtering for Theater Ballistic Missile Defense
   Kenneth V. Kitzman

   Laser Radar in Ballistic Missile Defense
   Isaac N. Bankman, Eric W. Rogala, and Richard E. Pavek

   Experimental and Theoretical Assessment of Mechanical and Optical Effects in Nonuniformly Heated IR Windows
   Donald D. Duncan, Kevin C. Baldwin, David W. Blodgett, Michael J. Elko, Richard I. Joseph, Mark J. Mayr, Daniel T. Prendergast, David H. Terry, Michael E. Thomas, and Suzanne C. Walts



Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia

Icon The Cover: The Air Defense Systems Department uses sound systems engineering principles to enhance the operational capabilities of naval weapon systems such as Standard Missile. The cover depicts the general process used in upgrading a Standard Missile, from research and development to test and evaluation. Shown here is the at-sea Flight Test Round-1A Standard Missile-3 fired from the USS Lake Erie in January 2001.
(Cover designed by Gordon A. Boltz, Kenneth R. Moscati, and Candece D. Smith.)

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