JanuaryŚMarch 2001, Volume 22, Number 1


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Millennial Challenges

   Looking Back, Looking Forward
   K. Moorjani

   The Navy in the 21st Century, Part I: Surface Warfare
   M. G. Mullen

   The Navy in the 21st Century, Part II: Theater Air and Missile Defense
   R. P. Rempt

   DARPA: Into the Future
   F. L. Fernandez

   Transportation in the 21st Century
   R. E. Skinner Jr.

   NASA in the 21st Century
   D. S. Goldin

   Astrophysics Faces the Millennium
   V. Trimble

   The Quantum Physics Model of the University in the New Millenium: The University Without Walls
   W. R. Brody

   Science and Engineering Education of Women in the 21st Century
   S. A. Jackson

   Technology and Society in the 21st Century
   S. Muller



   Publications, Presentations, Colloquia

Icon The Cover: To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the founding of The Johns Hopkins University (1876Ś2001), this issue on "Millennial Challenges" is dedicated to the memory of Johns Hopkins. His portrait adorns the cover along with the logo "Knowledge for the world" to mark the anniversary. The cover also shows the location of the Hopkins centers on three continents and photographs of the oldest (hospital building, 1889) and newest (APL Building 26, 2000) of the ever-growing family of Hopkins structures. (Cover design by Kenneth R. Moscati.)

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