October—December 2000, Volume 21, Number 4


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Technical Services at APL

   Guest Editor's Introduction
   H. K. Charles, Jr.



   Changing Times: Evolution of the Techical Services Department
   R. A. Fletcher


Engineering, Design, and Fabrication Activity

   The Engineering, Design, and Fabrication Facility: A Unique APL Resource
   H. K. Charles, Jr., and J. A. Weiner

   APL’s Electronic Services at the Turn of the Century
   P. F. Hider, E. B. Alvarez, J. R. Dettmer, H. S. Feldmesser, A. S. Francomacaro, K. L. Moore, and S. E. Schlemmer

   Expanding Mechanical Design and Fabrication Horizons
   D. W. Wilson, L. E. Bailey, and C. E. Bennett

   Advanced Materials: Challenges and Opportunities
   M. Rooney, J. C. Roberts, G. M. Murray, and B. M. Romenesko


Information and Computing Resources

   The Digital Library: Serving a Business Purpose in an R&D Laboratory
   R. S. Gresehover, D. T. Jones, and P. S. Tarantino

   Fostering Successful APL Technical Communications
   W. T. Pullin, A. D. Peck, D. W. Sussman, and M. K. Morris

   Computer Systems Services for a Diverse Service Organization
   S. D. Ahlbrand

   Database and World Wide Web Infrastructure for Application Development
   B. C. Moore, D. S. Wilhelm, D. K. Chen, M. B. Suther, and A. M. DeMajistre


Plant Services

   The APL Campus: Past, Present, and Future
   M. L. Hagler, J. E. Loesch, W. E. Kozak, R. W. Grose, and M. R. Connelly


Non-Theme Articles

   A Materials Aging Problem in Theory and Practice
   L. W. Hunter, J. W. White, P. H. Cohen, and P. J. Biermann

   The EWTES (Echo Range) Story
   A. C. Williamson



   APL Awards

   Publications and Presentations

   Author and Subject Index (2000)


The Cover: The availability of modern technical facilities and innovative, reliable technical services is key to all APL programs. Since its formation in 1982, the Technical Services Department (TSD) has been the focal point for such service activities ranging from the construction of unique research and development laboratories and buildings to the fabrication and launching of high-performance Earth satellites and space instruments. The cover illustrates some of TSD’s recent activities associated with individual and system circuit developments, facilities construction and maintenance, and the myriad forms of documentation associated with providing effective technical support to the Laboratory's programs. (Cover design by Kenneth R. Moscati, with contribution from Steven P. Gribben.)

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