July-September 2000, Volume 21, Number 3


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Warfare Analysis Part II

   Guest Editor's Introduction
   D. K. Pace

   Warfare Analysis: Relevant, Reliable, and Right on Time
   P. Sanders


Warfare Analysis Initiatives, Methods, and Technology

    Perspectives and Trends
H. E. Heidepriem

   Ideas About Simulation Conceptual Model Development
   D. K. Pace

   Migrating the HLA Object Model Template to an IEEE Standard
   R. R. Lutz

   An Architecture for Simulation Based Acquisition
   J. F. Keane, R. R. Lutz, S. E. Myers, and J. E. Coolahan

   Simulation Verification, Validation, and Accreditation
   S. M. Youngblood, D. K. Pace, P. L. Eirich, D. M. Gregg, and J. E. Coolahan

   Using the War Room Process to Explore Network-Centric Warfare
   C. H. Sinex, T. C. Lilly, and M. A. Harlow

   C4ISRT in an Operational Context
   C. Salamacha, S. Smoot, and K. Farris

   Theater Air Defense Cornerstones
   T. R. Foard

   A Ship Defense Analysis Process
   R. S. Farris and C. B. Stuckey

   Sufficiency Analysis in Surface Combatant Force Structure Studies
   M. S. Morris


Affordability and CAIV Analyses in Warfare Analyses

    Integrating Cost and Performance Models to Determine Requirements Allocation for Complex Systems
   R. R. Luman

   Evaluating Affordability Initiatives
   S. E. Myers, P. P. Pandolfini, J. F. Keane, O. Younossi, J. K. Roth, M. J. Clark, D. A. Lehman, and J. A. Dechoretz

   Affordability Analysis for DARPA Programs
   W. M. Kroshl and P. P. Pandolfini


Non-Theme Article

    Critical Velocities for Rocket Sled Excitation of Rail Resonance
    J. L. Lamb



   Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia

Icon The Cover: Warfare analysis in the Laboratory's Joint Warfare Analysis Department addresses problems from campaign and policy levels through military force and system levels to equipment and component levels. A wide variety of tools and facilities are employed to provide comprehensive perspectives about Joint warfare capabilities. (Cover illustration by Kenneth R. Moscati. Cover design by Margaret A. Harlow.)

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