October - December 1999, Volume 20, Number 4


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   Guest Editor's Introduction
   W. L. Ebert and R. W. McEntire

    Richard B. Kershner: Aphorisms

   APL's Space Department After 40 Years: An Overview
   S. M. Krimigis


Space Department Development

    Defining the Problem and Designing the Mission: An Evolutionary Process
    C. O. Bostrom

    The System Approach to Successful Space Mission Development
   E. J. Hoffman and G. H. Fountain

   Quality and Reliability: APL's Key to Mission Success
   W. L. Ebert and E. J. Hoffman

   Forty Years of Space Mission Management
   T. B. Coughlin, M. C. Chiu, and J. Dassoulas

    Mission Operations
    G. E. Baer, R. J. Harvey, M. E. Holdridge, R. K. Huebschman, and E. H. Rodberg

    Flight Software in the Space Department: A Look at the Past and a View Toward the Future
    H. Malcom and H. K. Utterback

    Themes and Trends in Space Science Data Processing and Visualization
    S. R. Nylund and D. B. Holland



    Radiation Belts and Beyond
    D. J. Williams, B. H. Mauk, D. G. Mitchell, E. C. Roelof, and L. J. Zanetti

    Auroral Imaging and Space-Based Optical Remote Sensing
    L. J. Paxton and C. -I. Meng

    Solar Physics at APL
    D. M. Rust

    Planetary Science at APL
    A. F. Cheng

    Advancing Our Understanding of the Atmosphere and Ionosphere Using Remote Sensing Techniques
    R. A. Greeenwald, S. A. Lloyd, P. T. Newell, L. J. Paxton, and J. -H. Yee

    Ocean Remote Sensing Research and Applications at APL
    R. F. Gasparovic, R. K. Raney, and R. C. Beal


Advanced Technology Development

    Advanced Space Instruments
    R. E. Gold and R. E. Jenkins

    Advanced Spacecraft Technology Program
    R. E. Jenkins

    The APL Space Department in the World Community
    C. O. Bostrom and R. W. McEntire


APL Awards

    Writing and Research and Development Awards
    L. L. Maier-Tyler



   Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia

   Author and Subject Indexes: 1995-1999

Icon The Cover: The cover depicts the 40-year span of the Space Department, from its origin with the Navy's Transit System represented by an Oscar spacecraft in the distance, to the scientific missions of the future represented by the artist's illustration of the MESSENGER spacecraft and two views of the planet Mercury. The back cover highlights some of the major scientific and technological achievements from 58 spacecraft launched during the period. (Cover illustration by Kenneth R. Moscati.)

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