July - September 1999, Volume 20, Number 3


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    DARPA and APL - Technology Innovation and Transition: Guest Editor's Introduction
   D. M. Restione

    DARPA's Role in Radical Innovation
   F. L. Fernandez


Information Technologies

    Application of Cognitive Modeling to Tactical Scene Generation
    C. C. Sheffer and F. C. Vaughan

    Fabrication of Biological Neuronal Networks for the Study of Physiological Information Processing
   M. Matsuzawa, V. Krauthamer, and R. S. Potember

   Agile Information Control Environment Program
I-J. Wang and S. D. Jones


Advanced Submarine Technology

   The Integrated Vulnerability Management System
   D. P. Watson

    Buoyant Cable Antenna Technology for Enhancing Submarine Communications at Speed and Depth
    G. R. Thompson, H. P. Widmer, K. A. Rice, R. E. Ball, and J. H. Sweeney


Space Applications

    High-Resolution Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar for Discoverer II
    M. W. Roth

    Gun-Launched Satellites
    H. E. Gilreath, A. S. Driesman, W. M. Kroshl, M. E. White, H. E. Cartland, and J. W. Hunter


Detection Systems

    DARPA Integrated Chemical and Biological Detection System
    M. Donlon and J. Jackman

    Development of a Field-Portable Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer System
    M. P. McLoughlin, W. R. Allmon, C. W. Anderson, M. A. Carlson, D. J. DeCicco, and N. H. Evancich

    Miniature Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer for a Field-Portable Biodetection System
    T. J. Cornish and W. A. Bryden

    The Development of Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry for the Detection of Biological Warfare Agent Aerosols
    P. F. Scholl, M. A. Leonardo, A. M. Rule, M. A. Carlson, M. D. Antoine, and T. J. Buckley

    A Time-of-Flight Mini-Mass Spectrometer: Aerosol Collection, Capture, and Load-Lock System
    C. W. Anderson and M. A. Carlson

    Computer-Assisted Interpretation of Mass Spectra
    C. S. Hayek, F. J. Pineda, O. W. Doss III, and J. S. Lin

    Development of an Automated Handheld Immunoaffinity Fluorometric Biosensor
    M. A. Carlson, C. B. Bargeron, R. C. Benson, A. B. Fraser, J. D. Groopman, H. W. Ko, T. E. Phillips, P. T. Strickland, and J. T. Velky

    Detection of Chemical Agents in Water by Membrane-Introduction Mass Spectrometry
    J. S. Morgan, W. A. Bryden, R. F. Vertes, and S. Bauer

    Improved Detection of Explosive Residues by Laser Thermal Desorption
    J. S. Morgan, W. A. Bryden, J. A. Miragliotta, and L. C. Aamodt

    Live Organism Toxicity Monitoring: Signal Analysis
    C. C. Sarabun, T. R. Shedd, C. S. Hayek, and A-H. Najmi

    Environmental Health Risk Assessment Methodology for Overseas Military Deployment
   N. L. Tran, T. A. Burke, M. A. Fox, J. S. Litt, N. M. Shalauta, and B. A. Ruscio


Hypersonic Missiles

    Affordable Hypersonic Missiles for Long-Range Precision Strike
    M. E. White and W. R. Price


Undersea Warfare

    A Multistatic Performance Prediction Methodology
    J. I. Bowen and R. W. Mitnick


Logistics Technology

    DARPA Advanced Logistics Transceiver Study
    M. C. Perdomo, C. H. Sinex, and R. L. Yuan


Advanced Simulation Technology

    Toward Enhanced Environmental Effects Representations in Advanced Computer Simulations
    F. C. Newman, A. C. Biondo, M. D. Mandelberg, A. R. Croucher II, J. C. Spall, C. C. Matthews, and J. T. Warfield



   Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia

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