January - March 1999, Volume 20, Number 1


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   In Memoranium
   K. Moorjani


   The Impact of Electronic Packaging at APL: Guest Editor's Introduction
   H. K. Charles, Jr.

   History of Electronic Packaging at APL: From the VT Fuze to the NEAR Spacecraft
   G. D. Wagner

   Modern Electronic Packaging Technology
   M. G. Bevan and B. M. Romenesko

   Some Key Issues in Microelectronic Packaging
   G. V. Clatterbaugh, P. Vichot, and H. K. Charles, Jr.

   Miniaturization of Space Electronics with Chip-on-Board Technology
   B. Q. Le, E. Nhan, R. H. Maurer, R. E. Jenkins, A. L. Lew, H. S. Feldmesser, and J. R. Lander

   Multichip Module Substrated
   N. A. Blum, H. K. Charles, Jr., and A. S. Francomacaro

   Transmit/Receive Module Packaging: Electrical Design Issues
   B. A. Kopp, C. R. Moore, and R. V. Coffman

   System-Level Packaging: Putting It All Together
   D. S. Mehoke, H. S. Feldmesser, and P. D. Grimm

   The Case for Plastic-Encapsulated Microcircuits in Spaceflight Applications
   A. F. Moor, A. Casanovas, and S. R. Purwin

   APL's Packaging Future: The Next Few Years
   H. K. Charles, Jr.

   Electronic Packaging Research and Education: A Model for the 21st Century
   R. R. Tummula


APL Awards

   Writing and Research and Development Awards
   L. L. Maier-Tyler



   Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia

Icon THE COVER: Electronic packaging is the key to the effective use of electronics in modern systems technology. For more than half a century, APL has provided innovative electronic packaging solutions for major system development efforts, ranging from the VT fuze to the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous spacecraft. The cover illustrates some of our major packaging successes along with renditions of modern integrated circuits. The explosion in density and speed of the integrated circuit is driving worldwide electronic packaging to new levels of miniaturization and performance. (Cover illustration by Kenneth R. Moscati and Lori A. Hartman.)

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