October - December 1998, Volume 19, Number 4


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   K. Moorjani


   A Dedication: From Polaris to Trident .... Strategic Leadership

   Introductory Remarks
   D. L. Eddins and P. S. Sugg

   Letter to Dr. Gary L. Smith from RADM J. F. Shipway

   Strategic Systems and Beyond: Guest Editor's Introduction
   J. M. Watson



   The Origin of the APL Strategic Systems Department
   J. M. Watson

   Current SSD Programs

   Test and Evaluation of Land-Mobile Missile Systems
   W. R. Mentzer, Jr.


Technology and Applications

   The SATRACK System: Development and Applications
   T. Thompson, L. J. Levy, and E. E. Westerfield

   Global Positioning System Translators for Precision Test and Evaluation
   T. Thompson and E. E. Westerfield

   Technologies for Sonar Processing
   H. M. South, D. C. Cronin, S. L. Gordon, and T. P. Magnani

   Development of a Personal Computer Simulation-Based Multimedia Ship Control Training Program
   P. E. Biegel, S. P. Brown, T. C. Mason, and D. D. Poland

   An Overview of the Simultaneous Perturbation Method for Efficient Optimization
   J. C. Spall

   Multiple Image Coordinate Extraction (MICE) Technique for Rapid Targeting of Precision Guided Munitions
   T. B. Criss, M. M. South, and L. J. Levy


System Demonstrations

   Demonstration of Submarine Control of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
   V. Vigliotti

   Demonstration of a Precision Missile Intercept Measurement Technique
   T. Thompson



   Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia

   Author and Subject Indexes (1998)

Icon THE COVER: The Trident Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) SSBN submarine, the backbone of the current U.S. nuclear strategic deterrent, is shown on patrol-vigilant, ready, and invulnerable. The evolution of the FBM Strategic Weapon Systems, from Polaris (the North Star) through Poseidon (the Ruler of the Sea) to today's Trident (the Spear of the Sea God), is symbolized by the figures in the background. Rear Admiral William F. Raborn named the first-generation FBM "Polaris" because the North Star is the ancient guide, friend, and protector of sailors. Like the North Star, the FBM Strategic Weapon System continues to shield the nation from harm. Also depicted is the growing importance of unmanned aerial and undersea vehicles to modern military missions as well as the continuum from undersea to space that encompass the activities of the Strategic Systems Department. (Cover design by Kenneth R. Moscati.)

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