April - June 1998, Volume 19, Number 2


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The NEAR Mission

    The NEAR Mission: Guest Editor's Introduction
   T. B. Coughlin

   NEAR Overview
   A. F. Cheng, R. W. Farquhar, and A. G. Santo

   The NEAR Multispectral Imager
   S. E. Hawkins III

   The Near-Infrared Spectrometer
   K. Peacock, J. W. Warren, and E. H. Darlington

   The NEAR X-Ray/Gamma-Ray Spectrometer
   J. O. Goldsten

   The NEAR Magnetic Field Instrument
   D. A. Lohr, L. J. Zanetti, B. J. Anderson, T. A. Potemra, and M. H. Acuña

   NEAR Laser Rangefinder: A Tool for the Mapping and Topologic Study of Asteroid 433 Eros
   T. D. Cole

   Data Processing Hardware for the NEAR Instruments
   C. B. Hersman, J. D. Boldt, P. Eisenreich, S. F. Oden, and D. K. Temkin

   The Design and Testing of the NEAR Spacecraft Structure and Mechanisms
   T. J. Hartka and D. F. Persons

   Design, Development, and Flight of the NEAR Propulsion System
   L. E. Mosher and S. Wiley

   Thermal Design of NEAR
   C. J. Ercol and S. J. Krein

   Power Subsystem Design and Early Mission Performance
   J. E. Jenkins, G. Dakermanji, M. H. Butler, and P. U. Carlsson

   The NEAR Guidance and Control System
   T. E. Strikuerda, J. C. Ray, and D. R. Haley

   The NEAR Spacecraft RF Telecommunications System
   R. S. Bokulic, M. K. E. Flaherty, J. R. Jensen, and T. R. McKnight

   The NEAR Command and Data Handling System
   D. D. Stott, D. A. Artis, B. K. Heggestad, J. E. Kroutil, R. O. Krueger, L. A. Linstrom, J. A. Perschy, P. D. Schwartz, and G. F. Sweitzer

   The NEAR Solid-State Data Recorders
   R. K. Burek

   Cooperative Fabrication of the NEAR Spacecraft
   J. R. Dettmer

   Efficient Spacecraft Test and Operations with the NEAR Ground System
   G. G. Whitworth, A. J. Somers, and W. C. Stratton

   The NEAR Science Data Center
   K. J. Heeres, D. B. Holland, and A. F. Cheng



   Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia

   Patents (1997)

Icon THE COVER: The Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) mission was developed for NASA by APL. It is the first mission of NASA's Discovery Program, which emphasizes "faster, better, cheaper" planetary scientific missions. The cover shows the spacecraft's 3-year trajectory to asteroid 433 Eros, photographs taken during the flyby of asteroid 253 Mathilde on 27 June 1997, and an artist's rendering of the spacecraft. (Cover illustration by Kenneth R. Moscati.)

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