Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest

October-December 1995, Volume 16, Number 4

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Basic Research

   Recent Development in Quantum Optics
   J. D. Franson

   The End of Classical Determinism
   J. C. Sommerer


Applied Research

   Analytical and Device-Related Applications of Nonlinear Optics
   J. A. Miragliotta

   Advanced Materials Technology Insertion
   L. W. Hunter, D. D. Duncan, F. F. Mark, J. S. O'Connor, and J. W. White



   Telemedicine: Health Care at a Distance
   V. L. Pisacane


Systems Development

   The Cooperative Engagement Capability



   Master's Degree Program in Engineering and Applied Physics of Biomedicine
   R. A. Farrell, V. L. Pisacane, I. N. Bankman, A. A. Shoukas, and M. B. Sachs


Quality Management

   A System of Management for Organizational Improvement
   K. A. Potocki and R C. Brocato



   Publications and Presentations

Cover Information: Chaos theory shows that simple physical systems, like a ball moving in a potential well, can behave in ways that are almost unimaginably unpredictable, even without any intrinsic randomness. For example, the illustrated system has two possible qualitatively distinct outcomes, but the initial conditions leading to each of the outcomes are globally intermingled on arbitrarily fine scales, as shown by the mosaic-like panels. The cover also alludes to the analogy of continental drainage: when qualitatively distinct outcomes generically result from nearby starting conditions, it is as though the continental divide were everywhere. The article in this issue by J. C. Sommerer entitled "The End of Classical Determinism" explores how such conterintuitive behavior arises in simple systems, including those of engineering interest. (Cover illustration by Kenneth R. Moscati.)

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