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Earth Day is Extra Special to the ISC This Year

This year, Earth Day is a little more meaningful to the residents of APL’s Intelligent Systems Center (ISC). As part of a new Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) initiative aimed at the intersection of national security and climate change, the ISC has launched its own effort to tackle climate change with intelligent systems. Led by Elizabeth Reilly, a senior researcher and Assistant Group Supervisor of the ISC’s Artificial Intelligence Group, this new initiative is exploring how the power of artificial intelligence, robotics, and behavioral sciences can be brought to bear on the challenges associated with climate change and its potential impact on national security. “Climate change is a critical challenge to our nation and the entire planet. As part of a larger enterprise like APL, we have an opportunity to make a real impact,” explains Reilly before adding, “This is exactly the kind of research problem that motivates our staff.”

Stay tuned for more exciting related climate research news in the coming months.