Scene from The Curious Savage

Mrs. Savage (right) meets the…different residents of the sanatorium (left).

The Curious Savage

Written by John Patrick
Directed by Julia Andersen

Leading off the 2012 season for the APL Drama Club, The Curious Savage was a comedic but touching tale about what it means to be wise in the modern world. When Ethel P. Savage's husband dies, she inherits millions. She begins to spend those millions by establishing a charity that funds the wildest dreams of others. Her stepchildren, fearing that she will spend the entirety of their inheritance, have Ethel put in a sanatorium until she will agree to give up her crazy ideas. But in the sanatorium Ethel meets the most extraordinarily odd - and extraordinarily brilliant - people. There's Florence, the woman who treats a doll as if it's her own child; Hannibal, the retired statistician; Fairy May, the exuberant girl who never looks in a mirror, and Mrs. Paddy, who never speaks except to recite the things she hates. Together, they aid Mrs. Savage in her staunch struggle against her greedy stepchildren.

Scene from The Curious Savage

Mrs. Savage (left) with her step children (right).

The Curious Savage featured the debut of Julia Andersen as a director to extremely positive reviews. The story was at times side-splittingly funny and tearfully touching.

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