Scene from The Mouse that Roared

Annie Marcotte, playing Professor Kokintz, explains the dangers of the bomb the Fenwickians captured.

The Mouse that Roared

Written by Leonard Wibberley
Directed by Scott Stanchfield

The Mouse that Roared was a rousing and satiric romp that followed the plight of the small, poor, and fictitious country of Grand Fenwick. In a radical plan to turn their fortunes around, the leaders of this meek nation plan to invade the United States with the express intention of losing in order to force the United States to pay them millions in reparations. But when the simple and clueless man they pick to lead the assault captures the most powerful bomb ever created, the plan is turned upside–down and Grand Fenwick is forced to confront an unimaginable outcome – victory.

The Mouse that Roared was the directorial debut of the esteemed Scott Stanchfield, who showed off his talent for a style of madcap comedy that left audiences in stitches.

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