Scene from Rumors

Poster for the APL Drama Club production of Rumors.


Written by Neil Simon
Directed by Molly Grossman

Rumors was the story of a high–class dinner party gone horribly, hilariously wrong. When Ken and Chris Gorman arrive at the house of the Deputy Mayor of New York, they expect to spend a fun evening full of eating, drinking, and laughing with their friends. Instead they find the Deputy Mayor with a bullet-hole in his ear and his wife nowhere to be found. In an effort to avoid a scandal, Ken and Chris attempt to cover up a disaster they know nothing about from the other guests. But as more and more people arrive, the lies grow bigger and bigger until everything blows up in an uproarious conclusion.

The first APL Drama Club play with a two-level set, and the first to stretch over multiple weekends, Rumors also featured one very unexpected guest: a talkative yet stealthy rogue cricket. The visiting insect didn't take away from any of the fun, though, for a play that brought in the largest audiences the Drama Club had seen to date.

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