Scene from The Play On!

The playwright (in pink) gives a speech after a disaster of a performance.

Play On!

Written by Rick Abbot
Directed by Scott Stanchfield

Play On! was the painfully funny story of a small community theater group preparing to put on a serious mystery written by a local playwright. Unfortunately, "preparing" may be too strong of a word, as the rehearsals are one disaster after another. The director, Gerry, is overwhelmed, the actors don't know their lines, the stage crew doesn't know the cues, and the playwright herself continually changes the script of the play. The first act is an amusingly bad rehearsal of the show, but by the second act, the final dress rehearsal, things have gotten even worse. In Act III the audience sees the opening night performance - which makes the rehearsals look downright polished. The play featured such a riotous conclusion that audiences were warned to visit the bathroom before the final act.

Scene from The Play On!

Gerry (left), the director, expresses her frustration to a member of the stage crew.

Play On! was the second APL Drama Club production directed by Scott Stanchfield, and featured the same madcap and mirthful style prevalent in his first production, The Mouse that Roared. As promotion for the show, a number of facetious "reviews" were written (by actors in the play) to describe the quality of the performance. These reviews are printed below.


“Play On! is the manifesto I should have written.”
-Karl Marx

“Ich bin ein APL Drama Club fan.”

“Better than the last play I went to.”
-Abraham Lincoln

“I cannot tell a lie.”
-George Washington

“Tear up and burn your Matisse's, because the APL Drama Club is performing Play On!”
-Pablo Picasso

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