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Tech Digest Vol.9 Num.3 Cover

Advanced Technology at APL
Volume 9, Number 3 (July–September 1988)

Guest Editor's Introduction

S. Koslov

High-Temperature Superconducting Thin Films

K. Moorjani, F. J. Adrian, B. F. Kim, J. Bohandy, T. E. Phillips, W. J. Green, E. Agostinelli, B. G. Boone

Molecular Materials for Nonlinear Optics

R. S. Potember, R. C. Hoffman, K. A. Stetyick, R. A. Murphy, K. R. Speck

Microwave/Millimeter Wave Technology

J. L. Abita

Advances in the Development of Piezoelectric Quartz-Crystal Oscillators, Hydrogen Masers, and Superconducting Frequency Standards

J. J. Suter

Thermal Techniques for Nondestructive Characterization of Layered Structures and Interfaces

J. C. Murphy, J. W. Maclachlan, L. C. Aamodt

Neurodynamic Computing

R. E. Jenkins

Neural-Network Technology and Its Applications

M. W. Roth

A New Method for Magnetoencephalography

H. W. Ko, J. P. Skura, H. A. C. Eaton

Evolution and Challenges in Signal Processing

W. G. Bath

Signal Processing for Missile Guidance: Prospects for the Future

B. G. Boone, R. A. Steinberg

An Overview of Software Engineering

B. I. Blum, T. P. Sleight

Shipboard Advanced Tactical Displays

F. J. Willey

Lightsats and Cheapsats: The Engineering Challenge of the Small Satellite

E. J. Hoffman

The Distributed-Injection Ballistic Launcher

H. E. Gilreath, R. M. Fristrom, S. Molder


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