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Tech Digest Vol.8 Num.4 Cover

Electromagnetic Propagation in the Atmosphere
Volume 8, Number 4 (October–December 1987)

Guest Editor's Introduction

H. W. Ko

Infrared and Millimeter-Wavelength Absorption by Atmospheric Water Vapor

M. E. Thomas

Performance of Optical Sensors in Hypersonic Flight

W. J. Tropf, M. E. Thomas, T. J. Harris, S. A. Lutz

Detection of Propagation from a Heated Ionosphere

R. J. Lunnen, Jr.

A Predictive System for Estimating the Effects of Range- and Time-Dependent Anomalous Refraction on Electromagnetic Wave Propagation

C. E. Schemm, L. P. Manzi, H. W. Ko

Recent Advances in the Prediction of Tropospheric Propagation Using the Parabolic Equation

G. D. Dockery, G. C. Konstanzer

Fine-Scale Measurements of Microwave Refractivity Profiles with Helicopter and Low-Cost Rocket Probes

J. R. Rowland, S. M. Babin

Worldwide Anomalous Refraction and Its Effects on Electromagnetic Wave Propagation

J. P. Skura


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