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Tech Digest Vol.8 Num.2 Cover

The Navy GEOSAT Mission
Volume 8, Number 2 (April–June 1987)

The Navy GEOSAT Mission: An Introduction

J. J. Jensen, F. R. Wooldridge

The Navy GEOSAT Mission: An Overview

D. R. McConathy, C. C. Kilgus


The GEOSAT Radar Altimeter

J. L. MacArthur, P. C. Marth, Jr., J. G. Wall

Preliminary Determination of the GEOSAT Radar Altimeter Noise Spectrum

R. V. Sailor, A. R. LeSchack

The Design and Operation of GEOSAT

W. E. Frain, M. H. Barbagallo, R. J. Harvey

The GEOSAT Ground Station

S. C. Jones, B. E. Tossman, L. M. Dubois


Determination of Ocean Geodetic Data from GEOSAT

S. L. Smith III, G. B. West, C. W. Malyevac

Preliminary Results from the Processing of a Limited Set of GEOSAT Radar Altimeter Data

D. H. Van Hee


Introduction to Sea-Surface Topography from Satellite Altimetry

J. Calman

The NORDA GEOSAT Ocean Applications Program

M. Lybanon, R. L. Crout

Comparison of GEOSAT and Ground-Truth Wind and Wave Observations: Preliminary Results

J. L. Shuhy, M. R. Grunes, E. A. Uliana, L. W. Choy

Validation of GEOSAT Altimeter-Derived Wind Speeds and Significant Wave Heights Using Buoy Data

E. Dobson, F. Monaldo, J. Goldhirsh, J. Wilkerson

REX and GEOSAT: Progress in the First Year

J. L. Mitchell, Z. R. Hallock, J. D. Thompson

Monitoring Equatorial Pacific Sea Level with GEOSAT

R. E. Cheney, L. L. Miller, B. C. Douglas, R. W. Agreen

Ice Measurements by GEOSAT Radar Altimetry

H. J. Zwally, J. A. Major, A. C. Brenner, R. A. Bindschadler

Waveform Analysis for GEOSAT Day 96

G. S. Hayne, D. W. Hancock III


Design of the GEOSAT Exact Repeat Mission

G. H. Born, J. L. Mitchell, G. A. Heyler

Altimetric Data Assimilation for Ocean Dynamics and Forecasting

A. R. Robinson, L. J. Walstad


Manufacturing Automation in Japan: A Trip Report and Observations

R. E. Kemelhor


In Memoriam: Gordon Leslie Dugger

C. O. Bostrom, W. H. Avery, J. Harford, F. S. Billig

The Twenty-Two Most Frequently Cited APL Publications — V

J. C. Murphy

The Twenty-Two Most Frequently Cited APL Publications — Afterthoughts

W. G. Berl

Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

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