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Tech Digest Vol.8 Num.1 Cover

Measuring Ocean Waves from Space
Volume 8, Number 1 (January–March 1987)

Guest Editor's Introduction

R. C. Beal

Symposium Overview

M. A. Donelan, W. J. Plant


Ocean-Wave Prediction: Where Are We?

O. M. Phillips

A General Explanation of the Quasi-Universal Form of the Spectra of Wind-Generated Gravity Waves at Different Stages of Their Development

S. A. Kitaigorodskii

Limitations of Spectral Measures and Observations of the Group Structure of Surface Waves

E. Mollo-Christensen

The Effect of Swell on the Growth of Wind Waves

M. A. Donelan

The Present Status of Operational Wave Forecasting

V. J. Cardone

The Operational Performance of the Fleet Numerical Oceanography Center Global Spectral Ocean-Wave Model

L. F. Zambresky

Recent Results with a Third-Generation Ocean-Wave Model

G. J. Komen

Practical Seakeeping Using Directional Wave Spectra

S. L. Bales

Some Approaches for Comparing Remote and In-Situ Estimates of Directional Wave Spectra

W. J. Pierson, Jr.


The Microwave Measurement of Ocean-Wave Directional Spectra

W. J. Plant

Spaceborne Imaging Radar Research in the 1990s: An Overview

C. Elachi

The Physical Basis for Estimating Wave Energy Spectra from SAR Imagery

D. R. Lyzenga

The Physical Basis for Estimating Wave Energy Spectra with the Radar Ocean-Wave Spectrometer

F. C. Jackson

Wave-Measurement Capabilities of the Surface Contour Radar and the Airborne Oceanographic Lidar

E. J. Walsh, D. W. Hancock III, D. E. Hines, R. N. Swift, J. F. Scott

A Practical Methodology for Estimating Wave Spectra from the SIR-B

F. M. Monaldo

SIR-B Ocean-Wave Enhancement with Fast Fourier Transform Techniques

D. G. Tilley

The Age and Source of Ocean Swell Observed in Hurricane Josephine

F. I. Gonzalez, B. M. Holt, D. G. Tilley

Extreme Waves in the Agulhas—A Case Study in Wave–Current Interaction

D. E. Irvine


Spectrasat: A Hybrid ROWS/SAR Approach to Monitor Ocean Waves from Space

R. C. Beal

The Radar Ocean-Wave Spectrometer

F. C. Jackson

Spectrasat Instrument Design Using Maximum Heritage

J. L. MacArthur

A Spectrasat System Design Based on the Geosat Experiment

C. C. Kilgus, W. E. Frain

Panel Discussion: Is There a Clear Need for a Global Wave Monitoring System?


Protecting the Public from Fires

W. G. Berl

Insulin Treatment Enters the Space Age

W. McCloskey


The Twenty-Two Most Frequently Cited APL Publications — IV

L. W. Hunter

Writing Awards

W. G. Berl

Book Review: Principles and Models of Biological Transport, by M. H. Friedman

A. S. Popel


APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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