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Tech Digest Vol.7 Num.3 Cover

Computer-Aided Design and Fabrication
Volume 7, Number 3 (July–September 1986)

Computer-Aided Design and Fabrication: An Overview

K. A. Potocki

The Computer-Aided Design and Engineering Facility

R. L. West, F. P. Brelsford, R. A. Eschbach

Putting Computer-Aided Design to Work

S. R. Schachtner, S. D. Ahlbrand

Computer-Aided Engineering for Structural Analysis

N. S. Rothman, J. A. Ecker

Numerical Control Fabrication: Its Nature and Application

M. L. Hagler

Computer-Aided Manufacturing for Electronic Circuit Board Fabrication

R. S. Strider, G. D. Wagner

Very Large Scale Integrated Circuitry

H. K. Charles, Jr., T. G. Boland, G. D. Wagner

Thermal and Thermomechanical Analysis and Testing of Electronic Packaging Systems

G. V. Clatterbaugh, H. K. Charles, Jr.

Microelectronic Thick-Film Technology and Applications

B. M. Romenesko, P. R. Falk, K. G. Hoggarth

Use of Graphite/Epoxy Composites in Spacecraft Structures: A Case Study

R. D. Jamison, O. H. Griffin, Jr., J. A. Ecker, W. E. Skullney

The Quality Teams Program

C. W. McHenry, R. C. Brocato, W. F. Pullin


The APL Bioelectromagnetics Laboratory

H. W. Ko, J. S. Hansen, L. W. Hart

Erosion Studies on Solar Max Samples

R. M. Fristrom, R. C. Benson, C. B. Bargeron, T. E. Phillips, C. E. Vest, C. H. Hoshall, R. B. Givens, F. G. Satkiewicz, O. M. Uy


New Initiatives in Expanding Human Knowledge: The Role of the Major Research University

S. Muller


The Twenty-Two Most Frequently Cited APL Publications — II

W. G. Berl

Book Review: Clinical Information Systems, by B. I. Blum

R. S. Johannes

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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80th anniversary