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Tech Digest Vol.7 Num.2 Cover

The Milton S. Eisenhower Research Center—II
Volume 7, Number 2 (April–June 1986)


Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia

Materials Science in the Milton S. Eisenhower Research Center: An Introduction

T. O. Poehler

Molecular Electronics

R. S. Potember, R. C. Hoffman, T. O. Poehler

Structural Aspects of Organic Superconductors

T. J. Kistenmacher

Random Magnets

K. Moorjani

Surface Science Program: Research and Applications to APL Problems

R. C. Benson, C. B. Bargeron, N. deHaas, R. B. Givens, A. N. Jette, B. H. Nall, T. E. Phillips, F. G. Satkiewicz

Smoke Scavenging by Atmospheric Ozone as a Possible Factor in the Nuclear Winter Problem

N. deHaas, R. M. Fristrom, M. J. Linevsky, D. M. Silver

Materials and Microstructure

J. C. Murphy, L. C. Aamodt, F. G. Satkiewicz, R. B. Givens, P. R. Zarriello

Laboratory Facilities in the Milton S. Eisenhower Research Center

T. O. Poehler


Bird-Borne Satellite Transmitter and Location Program

T. E. Strikwerda, M. R. Fuller, W. S. Seegar, P. W. Howey, H. D. Black


Development of Ultrastable Filters and Lasers for Solar Seismology

D. M. Rust, R. Kunski, R. F. Cohn


The University Presidency Today: A Word for the Incumbents

S. Muller


The Twenty-Two Most Frequently Cited APL Publications

W. G. Berl


Book Review: Estimating Eigenvalues with A Posteriori/A Priori Inequalities, by J. R. Kuttler and V. G. Sigillito

L. E. Payne


Book Review: Role of Languge in Problem Solving – I, edited by R. Jernigan, B. W. Hamill, and D. M. Weintraub

A. J. Perlis


Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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