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Tech Digest Vol.6 Num.4 Cover

Ocean Science—II
Volume 6, Number 4 (October–December 1985)

Guest Editor's Introduction

G. L. Smith

APL's Independent Research and Development Thrust in Oceanography

H. E. Gilreath

Remote Sensing for Oceanography: An Overview

L. F. McGoldrick

Ocean Research with Synthetic Aperture Radar

R. C. Beal

Image Formation from Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar Signals

R. N. McDonough, B. E. Raff, J. L. Kerr

Waves Across the Ocean

D. E. Irvine

Remote Sensing of the Ocean-Surface Wind Field with a Scatterometer and a Synthetic Aperture Radar

T. W. Gerling

Hydrodynamics and Radar Signatures of Internal Solitons in the Andaman Sea

J. R. Apel, D. R. Thompson, D. G. Tilley, P. Van Dyke

Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging of Internal Waves

R. F. Gasparovic, J. R. Apel, A. Brandt, E. S. Kasischke

Intensity Modulations in Synthetic Aperture Radar Images of Ocean Surface Currents and the Wave/Current Interaction Process

D. R. Thompson

Measurements of Directional Wave Spectra by the Shuttle Synthetic Aperture Radar

F. M. Monaldo


Thoughts on Technology and National Security

H. Brown

Symposium on Applications of Real-Time Oceanographic Circulation Modeling

S. J. Seymour

Genesis of the International Geophysical Year

J. A. Van Allen


Chesapeake Bay Research Institutions: A Bay-Wide Presence

W. McCloskey


Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia

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