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Tech Digest Vol.6 Num.2 Cover

Research and Development Updates
Volume 6, Number 2 (April–June 1985)


W. G. Berl

Letter to Dr. Milton S. Eisenhower

R. E. Gibson

The Secular Acceleration of the Earth's Spin

R. R. Newton

Microelectronics at APL: The First Quarter Century

H. K. Charles, Jr., G. D. Wagner


The NASA Space Station

J. M. Beggs

Symposium on the Role of Language in Problem Solving

B. W. Hamill

The Chesapeake Bay: Was 1983-84 the Turning Point for Restoring the Bay's Declining Water Quality?

W. McCloskey

The Zuoz Workshop on Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Dynamics

M. H. Friedman

Frontiers of Remote Sensing of the Oceans and Troposphere from Air and Space Platforms: Meeting and Workshop

J. Goldhirsh


Book Review: The Moon's Acceleration and Its Physical Origins: Vol. 1—As Deduced from Solar Eclipses, and Vol. 2—As Deduced from General Lunar Observations, by R. R. Newton

S. J. Goldstein, Jr.

Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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80th anniversary