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Tech Digest Vol.5 Num.4 Cover

Space Research and Development—I
Volume 5, Number 4 (October–December 1984)


W. G. Berl

Space Department Overview

G. C. Weiffenbach

The Navy Navigation Satellite System (TRANSIT)

R. J. Danchik

Coast Guard Precision Navigation Programs Using Loran-C

G. E. Baer, J. G. Wall

Development of a Global Positioning System/Sonobuoy System for Determining Ballistic Missile Impact Points

E. E. Westerfield, D. J. Duven, L. L. Warnke

Remote Sensing by Radar Altimetry

C. C. Kilgus, J. L. MacArthur, P. V. K. Brown

Predicting Dangerous Ocean Waves with Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar

R. C. Beal

Degradation of High Frequency Earth/Satellite Telecommunication Signals

J. Goldhirsh

Toward Very Large Scale Integration Applications in Space

R. C. Moore, R. E. Jenkins


Research Universities and Industrial Innovation in America

S. Muller

The Centenary of the Prime Meridian and of International Standard Time

H. D. Black, G. Gebel, R. R. Newton


Project AMPTE

W. McCloskey


Book Review: Acoustic Waveguides: Applications to Oceanic Science, by C. A. Boyles

G. V. Frisk

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