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Tech Digest Vol.5 Num.2 Cover

The HILAT Satellite
Volume 5, Number 2 (Number 2, April–June 1984)

Guest Editor's Introduction: Images of the Aurora

T. A. Potemra

The HILAT Satellite Program: Introduction and Objectives

E. J. Fremouw, L. A. Wittwer

The HILAT Spacecraft

K. A. Potocki

The HILAT Satellite Multifrequency Radio Beacon

M. D. Cousins, R. C. Livingston, C. L. Rino, J. F. Vickrey

Cold Plasma Measurements on HILAT

F. J. Rich, R. A. Heelis, W. B. Hanson, P. B. Anderson, B. J. Holt, L. L. Harmon, D. R. Zuccaro, C. R. Lippincott, D. Girouard, W. P. Sullivan

The HILAT Magnetic Field Experiment

T. A. Potemra, P. F. Bythrow, L. J. Zanetti, F. F. Mobley, W. L. Scheer

The Electron Flux J Sensor for HILAT

D. A. Hardy, A. Huber, J. A. Pantazis

The HILAT Vacuum Ultraviolet Auroral Imager

F. W. Schenkel, B. S. Ogorzalek

Ultraviolet Imaging of Sunlit Auroras from HILAT

R. E. Huffman, C.-I. Meng

The HILAT Ground-Based Program

H. C. Carlson

The Structure of the High-Latitude Ionosphere and Magnetosphere

M. J. Keskinen


Methanol from Ocean Thermal Energy

W. H. Avery

Visual Perception of Structured Symbols

B. W. Hamill


A Closed Course Distance Record for Powered Radio-Controlled Aeromodels

M. L. Hill

Electrostatic Autopilots

M. L. Hill

The International Research Conference on Transport Properties and Molecular Forces

L. Monchick

The Solar Maximum Observatory

D. M. Rust


In Memoriam: Robert C. Morton

Publications, Presentations, Colloquia, and the Authors

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