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Tech Digest Vol.5 Num.1 Cover

Naval Command, Control, and Communications
Volume 5, Number 1 (January–March 1984)


VADM G. R. Nagler

Navy Command, Control, and Communications – An Introduction

J. W. Newland, H. G. Tornatore

A Concept for Navy Command and Control in the Year 2000

G. D. Halushynsky, J. K. Beam

A Player Support System for an Interactive Theater-Level War Game

R. R. Guenther, N. K. Brown

Strategic Communications Network Performance Evaluation Model

S. F. Czajkowski, J. S. J. Peri

Wide-Area Correlation and Tracking of Surface Ships Using Multiple Sensors

G. E. Mitzel, P. G. Barnett, B. E. Kuehne, S. Sommerer

A Communications Systems Test and Evaluation Program

G. R. Preziotti, I. J. Shepperd, M. D. Sullivan

Data Collection and Recording Instrumentation for Command, Control, and Communications

J. S. Quinn, H. L. Cox


The Importance of Singlet Delta Oxygen in Cancer Photoradiation Therapy

J. G. Parker

Electron Current Image Diffraction from Crystal Surfaces at Low Energies

C. B. Bargeron, A. N. Jette, B. H. Nall

Drag Reduction Studies by Compliant Surfaces and Surface-Active Substances

T. D. Taylor, D. A. Hurdis

The APL Image Processing Laboratory

J. O. Jenkins, J. P. Randolph, D. G. Tilley, C. A. Waters


Design Development of the Kossiakoff Conference and Education Center

S. J. Goldstein


Book Review: Computational Methods for Fluid Flow

A. J. Chorin

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