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Tech Digest Vol.34 Num.4 Cover

A Snapshot of Engineering for Resilience at APL
Volume 34, Number 4 (2019)

Today’s systems are increasingly complex and interconnected and face ever more sophisticated threats to their ability to operate successfully. It is no longer enough for systems to be robust and reliable; they must also be resilient. Although reliability and risk concepts have been codified in systems engineering for decades, resilience is a relatively new concept for the systems engineering community, so the definition of the term/concept is evolving. However, most definitions center on the ability to provide required capability in the face of adversity or disruption. Of course, this is a broad definition, and the potential applications of resilience concepts are equally broad. The articles in this issue provide a glimpse into work being done at APL to develop and measure resilience approaches to ensure that our systems are able to respond to adverse events in real time, enabling them to succeed in their missions, whether on land, at sea, or in space.

A Snapshot of Engineering for Resilience at APL: Guest Editor’s Introduction

Timothy J. Allensworth

Operationalizing Critical Infrastructure Resilience

Dane S. Egli, Brian H. Donohue, Richard L. Waddell, John M. Contestabile, and Jonathon B. Cosgrove

How Would Bowditch Navigate Today? The Centuries-Old Quest for Resilience in Navigation

Michelle C. Greiner, David R. Stark, and Jeffrey L. Girsch

A Hybrid Resilience Framework to Apply Stakeholder Preferences to Aircraft Fleets

Roy N. Emanuel II and Bilal M. Ayyub

Adding Resilience to Naval Systems for Mission Success

Timothy J. Allensworth and John G. Schuster

Integrating Reliability Engineering with Fault Management to Create Resilient Space Systems

Melissa R. Jones, Kristin A. Fretz, Sanae D. Kubota, and Clayton A. Smith

Quantifying System Resilience Using Probabilistic Risk Assessment Techniques

Clayton A. Smith and Timothy J. Allensworth

Virtually Connecting Corpsmen, Providers, and Patients to Increase Readiness

Michael G. Obringer, Damon C. Duquaine, Michael J. McShea, Sheila R. Dyas, Sara R. Gravelyn, Matthew P. Sawicki, Rachel A. Lancaster, Valerie J. Riege, Curtis L. Null, and Jenny M. Tsao

Using Resilience to Inform Autonomous System Reliability Assessment: A Concept for Autonomous Ships

Bryan M. Gorman and Craig M. Payne

Search-Based Testing Methods for Evaluating the Resilience of Autonomous Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

Galen E. Mullins, Paul G. Stankiewicz, and Melissa A. Huntley

Resilience in the Face of Cyberattacks: Cyber Resilience Guidance for Military Systems

Chuck Crossett

Cyber Resilience for Navy Tactical Platforms

Hilary L. Hershey, Camille R. Daniel, and James D. Miller

Diversity as an Enabler for Cyber Resilience

Joel Coffman and Andrew S. Gearhart

Analyzing System Resilience to Adversary Kinetic and Cyber Actions

Clayton A. Smith

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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