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Tech Digest Vol.33 Num.3 Cover

Van Allen Probes
Volume 33, Number 3 (2016)

This issue focuses on the Van Allen Probes mission and also highlights other exciting work at the Laboratory, including advances in additive manufacturing capabilities and a new methodology for evaluating a system's risk and reliability. The issue begins with a brief biographical sketch and remembrance of James Van Allen, eponym of the Earth-encircling radiation belts and the successful mission investigating high-energy charged particles in space environments. Five articles present a comprehensive overview of the mission, the spacecraft, and observations and contributions to date. The final two articles discuss a new methodology that combines simulation with game theory to populate a fault tree, as well as Laboratory developments in additive manufacturing, including the recently established Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence. The issue concludes with a Special Feature describing this year's Achievement Award winners.

James A. Van Allen (1914–2006): From Iowa to APL to Iowa to Space

Stamatios Krimigis

History and Science Motivation for the Van Allen Probes Mission

Barry H. Mauk, Aleksandr Y. Ukhorskiy, Nicola J. Fox, Ramona L. Kessel, David G. Sibeck, and Shrikanth G. Kanekal

Van Allen Probes Mission Overview and Discoveries to Date

Elena Y. Adams, Kristin A. Fretz, Aleksandr Y. Ukhorskiy, and Nicola J. Fox

The Van Allen Probes Engineering Radiation Monitor: Mission Radiation Environment and Effects

Richard H. Maurer and John O. Goldsten

The Van Allen Probes' Contribution to the Space Weather System

Lawrence J. Zanetti, Ramona L. Kessel, Barry H. Mauk, Aleksandr Y. Ukhorskiy, Nicola J. Fox, Robin J. Barnes, Michele Weiss, Thomas S. Sotirelis, and NourEddine Raouafi

The Van Allen Probes Observatories: Overview and Operation to Date

Kristin A. Fretz, Elena Y. Adams, and Karen W. Kirby

Applying Game Theory and Computer Simulation to Fault Tree Analysis

Catherine J. Watkins and Eric M. Greenberg

Additive Manufacturing at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

John A. Slotwinski, Emily E. Crane, J. Todd Ramsburg, Erin D. LaBarre, and Ryan J. Forrest


APL Achievement Awards and Prizes

APL Staff Writers

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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80th anniversary