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Tech Digest Vol.33 Num.2 Cover

APL Research and Development
Volume 33, Number 2 (2015)

This issue highlights the diversity of APL's contributions to national and global challenges. The issue begins by evaluating the dynamical characteristics of a floating capsule on the Titan sea surface. The second article describes discovery research to identify a repeatable approach for making an early suitability assessment of community cloud environments for DoD missions. The third article describes efforts to support instructors teaching topics related to irregular warfare. The final article discusses technology developments and field demonstrations of laser communications systems. The issue concludes with two Special Features, one that describes this year's Technical Achievement Award winners and one that offers a glimpse of Central Spark, one of APL's innovation initiatives.

Seakeeping on Ligeia Mare: Dynamic Response of a Floating Capsule to Waves on the Hydrocarbon Seas of Saturn's Moon Titan

Ralph D. Lorenz and Jennifer L. Mann

Community Cloud Decision Support

Monica M. Waters, Christine O. Salamacha, and Peter P. Pandolfini

From Research to Education: Bringing Analysis into the Irregular Warfare Classroom

Christina S. Phillips

Development and Demonstration of Laser Communications Systems

David W. Young, Hugh H. Hurt, Joseph E. Sluz, and Juan C. Juarez


APL Achievement Awards and Prizes

Erin M. Richardson and Linda L. Maier-Tyler

Central Spark: A Lessons-Learned Perspective

Ann G. Darrin and Ann E. Kedia

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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80th anniversary