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Tech Digest Vol.33 Num.1 Cover

Wireless Networking and Communications Technologies at APL
Volume 33, Number 1 (2015)

This issue of the Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest highlights some of the recent work by APL researchers in the areas of wireless communications and networking. Although it provides only a small sample of the wide range of work being done at APL, this issue presents articles on key topics such as leveraging commercial wireless technology in affordable military solutions, the evolution of security within the Internet community, satellite communications, high-capacity optical technologies, and network management.

Wireless Communications and Networking Technologies: Guest Editor's Introduction

Jack L. Burbank

Future Trends in Commercial Wireless Communications and Why They Matter to the Military

Julia Andrusenko, Jack L. Burbank, and Feng Ouyang

The (R)evolution of the Internet Protocol Suite

Brian K. Haberman

Model-Based Design for Affordability of a Netted Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Concept

K. Dewayne Brown, Mary Beth A. Chipkevich, Robert J. Bamberger, Tam-Thanh C. Huang, Mark A. Matties, James D. Reeves, and Christopher A. Rouff

Technical Characteristics and Regulatory Challenges of Communications Satellite Earth Stations on Moving Platforms

Enrique G. Cuevas and Vijitha Weerackody

Narrowband Satellite Communications: Challenges and Emerging Solutions

Emre Gündüzhan and K. Dewayne Brown

Photonic Millimeter-Wave System for High-Capacity Wireless Communications

Timothy P. McKenna, Jeffrey A. Nanzer, and Thomas R. Clark Jr.

Resolving Tactical Network Management Interoperability by Using Ontology

John R. Schneider

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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80th anniversary